Expoland aims to be a worldwide leading name of business trips in todays constantly changing tourism sector. In this context, Expoland Tour wants to offer you a creative and different travel experience, which adds a certain value to your time.


As a part of its professionalism, Expoland Tour stands by you from the very beginning until the end of your business trip making every single moment of your B2B events and abroad experience unique. Your trips are designed calculating every single detail of your exclusive needs providing you the most efficient business trip. Our team creates between itself and its partners a strong and sustainable trust at every single step it takes before and after the organization..

About Us

Expoland Tour is a tourism agency, which serves in good over 20 countries and 5 continents calculating every single detail of your business trips with an expert team in tourism sector. Our team organizing 50+ fair tours each year offers its customers not only in tourism but also in fairtrades the highest quality.

Expoland Tour working together with 500+ companies is also the official travel agency of TG Expo; the leading name of international fairtrade. In this regard, Expoland always acts depending on its top quality, service and efficiency standards and principles.

Expoland always prioritizes the customer satisfaction and a result and quality oriented approach. With the motto “best trip=best reference” it will keep making the best and most trustable choices for its customers in the future, too.